Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Celestial Horsey

ASOS  Hearts and Bows skirt, F21 t shirt, Dolcetta harness boot, vintage over shirt

Well, there have been little spurts of spring weather here and there.
On one of these spurts, mr, Tom and I went for a ride all through the streets of Detroit.
What did we notice...
Man, Detroit is getting covered in graffiti art.
I don't mind though, I like it. 
I like the gritty feel of it, and always wonder how they get up in those weird places.
Seriously, how do they do it?
On to what I've been wearing... 
I have been wanting clothing with celestial space skies for quite some time.
I finally found it in this perfect little swingy skirt.
To make it even better, it has celestial horseys flying through the celestial skies!
Paired it with a my fave old army lookin cut off sleeve top and I'm good to go!


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  1. The skirt is amazing!