Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Heavy Petal

vintage leather, vintage sweater, Zara shorts, Diba boots via Pixie Market , ASOS sunnies
                             The weather is blowing my mind! I could handle this winter forever!
                                     Flowers and leather and fringe, never  wrong in my eyes:)
 I will be living in these shorts spring summer and maybe even fall. Also I am on the hunt for everything fringe. Especially old cowboy button up shirts, I'm thinking all cowboy all hillbilly summer for me!
                                                                           I can't wait!


  1. all things fringe? I just got a SUPER sweet suede fringe purse from Zara, you should get on Pinterest!!!

  2. yes...cowboy hillbilly for summer at mama's! Can't wait! and, love those sunnies and boots! xo