Sunday, February 20, 2011

Roses are Red

(outfit- vintage Betsy Johnson dress, Jeffrey Campbell woodies, vintage jacket)
It's been so long! I hope everyone had a romantic Valentines and a fantastical month.
I was in Chicago this past weekend where I found this cutest Betsy Johnson dress. I love how it is shear at the bottom, it had a slip underneath but I cut it out. I have been wearing it everyday. I can't wait for summer so I can wear it with shorts and boots. YAY! The fake fur coat I found at a flea market. I love the huge hood it has, so cute.  I finally got the package my sister sent me from Spain for Xmas. I was so excited for the huge quartz ring she got me! It is so bad ass. Then she sent me a email saying how the black ring was from Austria and the huge earrings were just super fun! The post office stole more then half of my Christmas present! Not cool. I do LOOOOVE the big ass quartz though. 
I love my sissy!
luvs and kisses

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  1. AMAZING boots, I really want them!

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  2. gosh, I'm in love eith your skirt, sheer and pleates, a dream!

    Watching the waves

  3. I love this look! Such a gorgeous look! I will be sure to follow!

  4. Nice Betsy Johnson dress and that shoes is freaky awesomeee :)

  5. Lovely dress and i like your boots..thanks for visiting my blog, i'm following you, hope you'll do the same :)

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  8. lovely outfit, that skirt + fur coat is a perfect combo :) have a great day sweetie!

    love, M

  9. You look stunning! lovely skirt and great shoes<3

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  10. I love your shoes!!! such a nice outfit!! you look so energetic and happy in here :)

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  11. Your outfit is fantastic! i'm following.