Friday, November 19, 2010

Calvin Klein Sport

This has been my uniform as of late. Cheap Monday skirt,love the movement in it and the zippers, thrifted Calvin Klein Sport sweater,big and chunky, and my biker boots and jacket both thrifted as well. Comfortable and warm. I've really been into the color green lately. Jades and evergreens to be exact. There's just something so rich and lush about it. Wait maybe I just want lotsa $$$...or maybe I should just go live in a tree house in a Rain Forest. hmmmm??? Oh man now I'm gonna go watch me some Swiss Family Robinson!
Happy Fryday
p.s. I totally failed my happened yesterday. But really who can resist a sea salt chocolate chip cookie and baked mac n cheese???


  1. Love these pictures; ) Where were you?

  2. The rib necklace and beautiful sweater do it for me! WOW