Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Puerto La Cruz

jacket-thrift, tights-House of Holland, skirt- H&M, shoes-Vera Wang, tshirt-Venezuela

 I have had this t-shirt since I was little. No, seriously since I was little.
Told you I was a hoarder!
Venezuela is my favorite place to visit and I want to go back sooooo bad. 
Hopefully one of these days I will go back, fingers crossed.
I love this cropped little burgundy jacket, perfect for the spring time. 
Nice to be able to wear something besides the faux furs....
Although, it is snowing as we speak.
Fingers crossed that it will be gone in the morning


  1. oooohhhh puerto la cruz!! it´s snowing here too, a litte Venezuelan sun is just what we need!

  2. Ha, I remember that shirt, lets go back!!!!

  3. Omg love the tights <3