Monday, December 26, 2011

Sonic Youth

H&M skirt, Deena and Ozzie shoes, HUE tights, thrift sweater, Sonic Youth tee
I found this skirt at H&M and couldn't believe it! I have been looking for a twirly fake leather skirt forever! I love you H&M! I bought the dress version too. Bonus point for the fake leather too. Be nice to the animals. Not saying that I don't have my fair share of leather goods but it's nice to find good quality fake stuff.
Somebody on Formspring asked me what was the oldest piece of clothing I owned. Well this is it my favorite Sonic Youth tee! Actually the sweater over it is probably older, like from the 50's, but I have had the tee longer and have worn it so much that now I only wear it a little. It's getting quite delicate in it's old age:)


  1. so funny! the first thing I thought when I saw this post was how old that tee is-I remember you wearing it forever ago! Super cute skirt too!

  2. Memories...I love the way you put it all together;))

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