Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pink reasons

(outfit- shirt thrift, shorts Urban Outfitters, shoes Dolcetta, jewelry thrift and mama)
Oh my goodness the sky was amazing yesterday! The only thing I wanted to do was sit on a
 balcony and soak it all in. I settled for Belle Ilse and burgers. 
You'll have to excuse the burn marks on the picnic table, apparently it's cool 
to set mini fire pits on picnic tables now. Pretty annoying. Can't we have anything nice in Detroit?

I found this shirt thrifting and love the color and the cut. I also love these scallop shorts. 
I bought them last year on sale at UO and basically wear them everyday.

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  1. EXTREMELY cool! I love the colour combo, but particularly the hue of the top - reminds me of a sour cherry or cherry syrup, all nice things.

    on the other hand, don't worry, things get vandalized everywhere.