Monday, July 18, 2011

Bon jour!

Complete Forever 21 look here. I love coolots! 
Someone needs to work on her tan. That would be me! haaha
Also somebody give me some ideas on what to do with my hair. I want a new do!!
I finally have a new computer hip hip hooray!
The good thing is I am able to post more, the bad thing is I'm constantly tempted to shop! 
I was going to buy these they were on sale for 106.95 on Karmaloop. I showed restrain and didn't! 
Super proud of myself but now I kinda wish I would've bought them they would've looked so cute with this outfit! oh well!


  1. I think I need this outfit for the move to France! Miss you~bicos

  2. thank you so much for the sweet comment and the add. your blog is great!

  3. LOVE the topknot & fringe! your pictures are SO fantastic ohmyword!

    great stuff :)

  4. the top knot is where it's at for summer, too hot for anything else, save that new do for Fall chica