Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jingle Balls

Oh Christmas tree!

Oh Christmas tree!

all done!

This pink tree reminds me of a tree Cat woman would have in Batman Returns.
I have a little silver tree also with a bunch of cracked out clown decorations! 
They're from when I was a wee little girl.
Maybe I'll post pics of that tree, if you're lucky! 
I found this United Colors of Benetton sweater at Salvation Army the other day. 
It's so sweet and innocent, with little roses on it.
Merry Merry in the making

p.s. Do you guys like the blood on my window?
 I put it up like 5 years ago for Halloween, ended up being a permanent decoration.
I think it ads a lovely touch. haha

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  1. Your tree is absolutely adorable! I wanted one that size in my room. I'm in love with your sweater! And the blood on the window, kinda creepy, but it works!

    Love & Labels