Sunday, December 12, 2010


Frosty and my big goofy smile

um bad photo shop Tommy.
I really was in front of this house. I am not fake standing in front of it...
(thrift shirt hat and shorts, American Apparel thigh high socks, F21 tights, boyfriends coat, JC shoes)
Yay for the first snow! To bad it's just gonna keep coming and coming for the next 3 months ugh.
Snow and ice and Lita's are not a good combo. I almost died for these pics ha ha!
I just couldn't bear to wear pants today. Too restricting. I also don't know what happened to my leggings!
Big thick tights and big thick knee highs are just as good if not better!
The polka dot blouse is now one of my favs. It has big billowy sleeves and is longer in the back. Love.
Ate the most delish dinner last night with Tommy! 
It was our one year anniversary!

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  1. Wow! One year!! Congrats love birds!
    ps...Love that snowman and all the lights.