Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Northport and Fishtown

Fishtown too cute!
nom! nom! nom!
my real hair. got it done just before the trip.
sasquatch???hmmmm kinda

Oh Michigan. Yes Michigan you are so lovely. Me and Tommy took a weekend 
trip up north as you already know. He sold his first jars of pickles in Northport
while a polka band played behind him!( can anybody say Groundhog day?)
The quaint little towns really do grow on you. Everything is so layed back.
 The colors were amazing as well reds yellows and oranges everywhere!
I loved Fishtown! We ate delicious whitefish pate watched salmon try to make
it upstream and played on the shores of Lake Michigan and the dunes while the sun set around us!
Everything i'm wearing is thrift except the skirt which is from Forever 21. I have
3 of these skirts, tan,taupe and the one above, they are my favorite. 
 Cheap and easy to layer in the cold winter months!

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  1. Wow...beautiful pictures...I guess we don't know what we have, Michigan is beautiful!!!!!

  2. SO pretty, I want to go! Looks like you had fun and ate yummmmy food...and you have orange hair for Halloweeen! Any shots of the polka dot band? Ha! Ps...I love the shot of you falling back, maybe I'll blow it up and frame it in my house...