Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Lunch

Tommy and I just got back from delicious Mexican Town where we pigged out on some yum yums! 
We stopped and took some pics on a bridge and my coat matches the sky! I love when that happens.
Last night was a blast my friends never cease to amaze me with there Halloween costumes. 
We  danced the night away at an underground goth night club! I will post pics of the costumes soon. 
This fur coat is one of the magical finds I found last week. I love it. It has bat wing arms too!
The blue velvet dress I also found! I'm a little obsessed with velvet. Yikes. I want every color!
Happy Halloween!
Have a wonderful evening and don't forget to pass out the canday!!!


  1. Gorgeous! What a perfect spooky halloween sky..xoxo

  2. Ur coat is gorgeous.. and the booties to.