Monday, September 27, 2010

Chilly Willy

Well it's getting cold enough for furs! ahhhhh! brrrrrr! To bad I didn't take care of this fur coat properly and it was basically falling apart as I wore it. Boo:( Oh well it had a long life but now we must part ways... i will forever miss the scalloped edges and crazy pastel colors, maybe one day i'll find another at a flea market. 
fingers crossed. Oh and I bought a new OPI nail polish called Glamour it's sooo pretty it has diamond dust in it. It reminds me of outer space and unicorns, although my friend says David Lee Roth spandex lol! We also came up with names for a David Bowie OPI collection!!!haha  
xoxo Mickey
top h&m
fur coat flea market
leggings gift
boots thrift
necklace mexico 

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  1. Pastel on Pastel a la marble print Easter Eggs. Love photo number 2!

  2. Wow...pastel fur!! Incredible...
    I remember when you bought that was in "fresa"ville! I should have bought one too. You look lovely...miss you